Business Partners

Rotary Club InternationalAltamonte Springs Rotary Club Activities

The Rotary Club Teaching Toolbox continues to be maintained by the club and used by classroom teachers. The Rotary Club also sponsors events such as teacher appreciation and the Early Act student service club. The  mission of the Early Act is to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of its student members so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership they may improve the quality of life of our school, local and global communities.

AMF BowlingAMF Bowling Lanes Activities

AMF Bowling Lanes provides reading and behavioral incentives for Lake Orienta students. Fundraising opportunities and additional achievement award certificates are also provided for our awards ceremonies.

Burger KingBurger King

Burger King provides positive behavior incentives for Lake Orienta students.


Chick-fil-A provides refreshments during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Fleet FeetFleet Feet Sports Activities

They support children's health and wellness by providing support for the Running and Cross Country Programs. They also donate various give-away items to promote healthy student activities.

Jason's DeliJason's Deli Activities

Jason's Deli provides academic and behavior incentives for students as well as fundraising opportunities for grade levels and groups.


McDonalds provides academic and behavior incentives for students at Lake Orienta Elementary School.

Moe's Southwest GrilleMoe's Southwest Grill Activities

Moe's Southwest Grill provides academic, behavior incentives, and Moe's Family Night fundraising opportunities for Lake Orienta.

PublixPublix Supermarket Activities

Publix provides academic and behavior incentives for grades 3-5 for earning A and A/B honor roll and a coupon for a cupcake for grades K and 1. Publix also supports the Lake Orienta PTA during parent/student activities and events.